Introduction to the Training Management System

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Online training is a growing and dynamic practice which can provide cost savings and a competitive advantage to your company or organization. A successful online training initiative using a system like FlexTraining, depends on a basic understanding of what can be accomplished and how to go about implementing it.

An online training solution provides a consistent, reliable platform for your course development work, keeps track of who has been given what training, and delivers a simple, pleasant online learning experience to your learners. Modern training systems, also called Learning Management Systems, support interactivity and multimedia, making learning more effective and interesting.

Now, many dynamic training systems are available as a monthly service, avoiding start-up software investments and assorted set-up tasks. Training may focus on any subject or industry, but below are two basic sample courses for your enjoyment. Remember, anything is possible, depending on the needs of the organization and the resources available.

Sample Course 1: Time Management

A five minute course with tips and strategies for getting the most out of your time. Simple text and images with a scenario simulation of identifying obstacles and tips for success.
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Sample Course 2: Sexual Harassment

A ten minute tutorial that covers concepts, prevention, and legal definitions. Includes interactive exercises, multimedia, and example scenarios.
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More Samples

More samples of online training techniques and practices.
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Learning Sites

More samples of online education sites.
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